Web Design and Development

Invisibility is an awesome super power. Not so great online though.

Having a presence on the web is critical in almost every market and industry in the world.

We create websites and web applications that meet 5 key criteria:

 Attractive Design


 Responsive / Mobile-Friendly

 Search Engine Optimized

 Secure and Compliant

Our Process

Each project is different and deserves it's own unique approach. We don't have a cookie cutter process for everything, but below you will find a common approach to our standard development projects.

1 | Consult

When you first come in contact with TJCS, you will have the opportunity to share your vision and define your goals and expectations. We will consult you on some best practices and creative ideas that are inline with what you’ve shared.

2 | Propose

After we have had an opportunity to identify your needs, we will put together a proposal on how we can fascilitate those needs. We will provide you with our proposed development services as well as a proposed cost.

3 | Design

This is where it gets really fun for us. We will design 2 User Interface mockups based on design preferences you give us and provide the mockups to you in .pdf form. These mockups will generally each be a home page and one additional page for websites or 2 end-user area displays for web applications.

4 | Revise

Once we have received your feedback we will create a single revised mockup based on your likes and dislikes from the original 2 mockups. Most quoted prices will include 2 revision cycles.

5 | Develop

After the revision process is finished and we have a final design to work off of we will program the website or web application on a local server.

6 | Test

As the development stage nears the end we will move the website or application to a temporary location online and provide you a link so that you can begin testing it’s functionality and searching out any glitches. You will also have an opportunity to ask for basic changes to the look and feel.

7 | Train

We will train you on any management features or tools so you can make the most of your new website or application.

8 | Deploy

After all the testing is completed we will move the website or application over to it’s permanent location to begin normal use.

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