Who We Are

At TJ CreaDev, we're more than just a team of creative professionals. We're a family of passionate individuals dedicated to empowering small businesses, churches, ministries, and non-profit organizations in Central Ohio and beyond with innovative digital solutions.

Founded in 2011 by Timothy Stephens, our Creative Director, we started as a small web design and development company in Delaware, Ohio. Our mission was simple: to create beautiful, functional websites for our local community. Over the years, we've expanded our services and our reach, but our goal remains the same: to provide valuable tools and resources to help our clients thrive.

Our Values

We believe in doing things well. This belief extends beyond delivering visually appealing products—it's the foundation of our entire process. We're committed to maintaining an honest, integrity-based approach in all our projects and services. With us, you can expect transparency, no surprise charges or hidden fees, and personal attention every step of the way.

Our Services

From graphic design and corporate branding to web development, web management, creative web marketing, and even web hosting and email hosting, we strive to provide high-quality solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

The TJ CreaDev Family: Near and Far

At TJ CreaDev, we boast a tight-knit group of core members, but our strength doesn't end there. Our extended family consists of a dynamic network of IT specialists, each a master in their respective domain. Our network is vast and varied from astute database specialists and sharp analysts to creative UI/UX designers, skilled front-end developers, adept server-side experts, and insightful marketing gurus. Having forged a trusted partnership with TJ CreaDev, these individuals are integrated into projects where their specialized expertise adds immense value. This collaborative approach ensures our clients benefit from a comprehensive talent pool, always receiving the best team and solutions tailored to their needs.

Our Core Team

Timothy Stephens, TJ CreaDev's Creative Director
Timothy, Creative Director

Tim is the founder and creative director of TJ CreaDev and has spent over a decade working with businesses, ministries, and non-profits. As a full-stack developer, designer, and database architect, he enjoys bringing to life engaging web applications and practical digital solutions. Tim is an experienced project manager, allowing him to effectively see client projects brought to the finish line with care and competence.

In addition to his work at TJ CreaDev, Tim serves on the AppDev Advisory Committee for the Delaware Area Career Center, allowing him the opportunity to contribute his expertise in shaping the future of digital development education in his community.

Aaron, TJ CreaDev's Lead Graphic Designer
Aaron, Lead Graphic Designer

Aaron has a natural love in working closely with people and helping with their vision. Once upon a time, Aaron was a 3M and Lowen Certified graphic installer, applying commercial graphics and private graphics for customers. Later, he began designing logos and creating decals in addition to editing and cutting images for customers.

Aaron serves TJ CreaDev as Lead Graphic Designer and a Design Consultant, providing exceptional graphics, illustrations, and branding pieces as well as conceptual input and feedback on various other projects we tackle.

Courtney, TJ CreaDev's Social Media and Design Specialist
Courtney, Social Media and Design Specialist

Courtney possesses the finesse of an artist and the determination of a super-mom, of which she is both. Her artistic inclinations shine through in every project she undertakes, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Courtney is involved in a range of our service offerings, from social media management to digital illustration, design, and screen printing. Each task she undertakes showcases her passion for her craft and her commitment to delivering excellence.

Christy, TJ CreaDev's Google Ads Specialist
Christy, Google Ads Specialist

Christy is a seasoned expert in digital services, specializing in Google Ads. With her official Google Ads certification in hand, she's managed impressive AdWords campaigns, overseeing budgets in the hundreds of thousands. Her strategies consistently deliver strong ROI, highlighting her deep understanding of digital advertising. At TJ CreaDev, Christy's expertise and results-driven approach make her a trusted asset to our team and clients.

Hope, TJ CreaDev's Photography Specialist
Hope, Photography

Hope is an adventurous and talented photographer who has a gift for telling stories through images. She is well-balanced in capturing the perfect shot - whether for events, headshots, product highlights, or landscapes. She loves capturing humans and the emotions and feelings they experience.

Courtney is involved in a range of our service offerings, from social media management to digital illustration, design, and screen printing. Each task she undertakes showcases her passion for her craft and her commitment to delivering excellence.

Leia and Bryndi, TJ CreaDev's Mascots
Leia and Bryndi, Mascots

Leia, with her radiant light coat, and Bryndi, donning a distinguished dark hue, are the esteemed fur-associates of our team. While they graciously hold the prestigious title of TJ CreaDev Mascots, their responsibilities don't end there. With dedication, they've clinched the roles of Official Break Regulators, ensuring timely allowances for essential potty breaks and mandatory play intervals. Balancing whimsy with the utmost professionalism, these two take their roles very seriously.